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The Universal law of attraction is always doing its part, but only you know if you're doing yours. If you're ready to change your life to one filled with joy, start by gradually (or drastically if that's your style) changing the things that you give your attention to. by doing so, you will be practicing the law of allowing by letting the law of attraction give you all that you desire.

For me, I started by unplugging the television. No more darkening my point of attraction with negative news reports or movies filled with dramatic death scenes. This left me with a great deal of time to do soul work.

I invested in a gratitude journal that I used every day, read books written by wonderful spiritual teachers, watched uplifting movies and videos, learned to meditate, and listened to audio books.

Although I’ve tossed my share of products into the trash can, I have accumulated a great list of books, videos, programs, movies, and CDs that I love. It is my pleasure to share this advice and recommendations with those who are on a similar journey and are attracting this information. As always, however, follow your inner guidance towards the choices that are best for you.


Whether you use a simple writing pad or something more aesthetically pleasing like a leather journal, you will benefit tremendously from daily gratitude writing. Another option is to try LifeJournal journal software.

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With all of the audio/visual technology available today, anyone can make a meditation CD--and so many people do. You can listen to free guided meditations on YouTube or, with no real experience at all, you could make your own. Unfortunately, you may find the quality of these meditations to be quite disappointing once you've practiced meditating with someone experienced.

For some general insight on different types of meditation practices, please check out the Attraction Saga meditation page. Additionally, the following meditation resources stand out far above the rest:

In addition to using great meditation CDs, I suggest signing up for a local Yoga or meditation course. You’ll benefit from having face-to-face contact with an experienced teacher.

Law of Attraction Programs

These programs are fast, easy ways to get guidance along the way after being introduced to Law of Attraction. There are many similar programs out there, but my list is shortened to what I personally think is most helpful.

These programs basically "spoon feed" you information about applying these Universal laws to your life, making it less overwhelming. If you are patient, you may opt to gain this same knowledge by reading a series of books, attending workshops, etc.

Online Business Tools and Opportunities

The Law of Attraction will yield to you anything that you desire, including a legitimate opportunity to achieve financial freedom, work at home, and run a SUCCESSFUL online business. This is not everyone's dream, but I do have suggestions for those who long for it.

My first suggestion, of course, is to remember that you've already created the opportunity vibrationally through your asking. Your work is to align your thoughts with what your Inner being has become. If you want to be wealthy and working at home, imagine how that would make you feel. Feel it? Now practice feeling that way as often as possible. This is called the law of allowing. Don't disallow (or get in the way of) your success by drifting back into feelings of discontent, hopelessness, pessimism, disbelief, or frustration. The Law of Attraction is always working, but you won't see the results if you don't allow it.

If you master step 1, I can help you with step 2. There are a few online business ventures that I truly believe in. If you've read my story or viewed the My Online business page, you’re aware of the tool that I most recommend for online business success. However, I have a short list of other recommended programs that will pair well with SiteSell’s SbI tool.

Site build It! Enjoy the full list and feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

  • Site Sell SBI!
    SbI! allows anyone, even the inexperienced person who has little technical skills and doesn’t yet have a business idea, to develop an online business that they will enjoy. For experienced website designers who don't need the step-by-step interface, this is still a great option because it helps you to brainstorm new ideas and draw the traffic that's needed in order to make money.

  • Worldwide brands Drop shippers and Wholesale Suppliers
    This is a great option for those who want to sell products online—even If you don’t want to keep inventory. With the drop shipping option, you simply list the products on your site and make a percentage of the price when it sells. No storing inventory or shipping packages.

  • Affiliate Marketing Networks and programs

    The internet is a great way for us to all benefit from each other. As an internet entrepreneur, you'll want to monetize your web site or blog using reputable affiliate programs from advertisers that you trust. Keep in mind that your reputation with the site’s readers will go down the drain if you market crappy, irrelevant products.

    An affiliate network, such as linkShare, is free to join and will offer a connection to hundreds of affiliate programs so that you won't need to sign up at each company's site individually.

    Don’t forget these keys to being successful with affiliate marketing: #1) don't market something that you wouldn't invest in and #2) have a web site that gets plenty of traffic. When my sites weren’t generating traffic (before SbI), I wasn’t making money. It just doesn’t matter how great your web site is if nobody is coming to see it.

    Here are a few affiliate programs that you’ll benefit from once you have a traffic-generating web site:


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