Meditation and Law of Attraction

Are you wondering how meditation can help you and/or how it relates to law of attraction? In order to deliberately create with the Law of Attraction, many of us need to do some type of processes that help us to get our thoughts in alignment with our desires. Meditation is just one of many options. I, personally, think that this practice is a necessity for those who truly want to work on their spiritual development. Unfortunately, many people are turned off by it because they don’t understand the benefits or they have unsuccessfully tried some form of it.

You may be surprised to learn that meditation is not one size fit all. It doesn’t have to be a religious experience, you don’t have to stand on one leg or sit in an uncomfortable position, and you don’t even necessarily have to be silent. Anyone can find a type of meditation that suits them.

Before going any further, let’s define meditation. It is a practice that involves focusing the mind on a sound, phrase, prayer, object, image, mantra, visualization, the breath, ritualized movements, or consciousness in order for the purpose of heightened awareness, relaxation, stress reduction, and personal or spiritual growth. The benefits to both your mind and body are amazing.

So, how does meditation relate to law of attraction? Law of Attraction responds to our thoughts, all of which are creative; but most people are not conscious of what they are thinking and creating. Because you'll be withdrawing attention from the things that plague your psyche, you are not attracting illness, financial difficulties, relationship problems, and other negativity while you are meditating.

You will notice that you feel calm and relaxed after meditating--an indication that you have improved your point of attraction. There is no better time to practice deliberate creation. Why? Because it will be easier to focus on positive aspects of what you want when your mind is free of resistant thoughts. If, before meditating, you were feeling horrible because of your financial state, it would have been difficult for you to suddenly begin creating a great financial state through positive thoughts about money. The law of attraction sends thoughts and circumstances to match your dominant thoughts and beliefs. If your belief is that you are in financial turmoil, it will be much easier for you to clear your thoughts completely of this subject by meditating than it would be for you to have thoughts that feel good about your yet-to-be-manifested wealth.

The two main categories for meditations are transcendental and concentrative, but there are multiple meditation techniques that fall under the two classifications. Some popular techniques include Vipassana, Yoga, guided meditation, chakra meditation, dynamic meditation, mantra meditation, Qi gong, Tai chi, and many more.

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Because I struggled with difficulty quieting my mind, I was initially frustrated with my meditation efforts. I tried time after time to relax and ignore the thoughts, but I would constantly realize that my mind had taken a trip elsewhere. Luckily, I discovered that guided meditation, object mediation (i.e. a candle flame), and movement (dynamic) meditation techniques worked well for me. Once my mind and body became more accustomed to mental “downtime” during which wayward thoughts are not entertained, I found myself able to benefit from meditative practices that simply concentrate on the breathing.

If you’re interested in getting started with meditation, I strongly suggest taking a course in your local area. Nothing compares to learning from a professional, but there are other options if you’re the self-starter type. You can access some decent beginner meditations on You Tube videos. Although most of these are not done by professionals, some are enjoyable. Here are a few meditation resources that I highly recommend:

Remember, meditation is one of many practices that you can take to raise your vibration. As you learn to have less negative thoughts, through whatever means you choose, the law of attraction will absolutely manifest your desires.


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