Guest Article: Universal Laws

Understanding the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving
Author: Chava LeBarton

Gifting has opened many hearts to enormous gratitude and compassion by allowing people to give without wanting something back in return. This opening of the heart causes grace to flow in many unexpected ways as we recognize the abundance and oneness that comes from knowing there is more than enough to give, not just receive.

“Imagine for a moment what will happen to our world as more of us start giving without wanting anything back in return. Picture a world filled with love and compassion and people are helping each other for no reason—a world where everyone has more then enough. The possibilities are endless and easily within our reach. Positive change begins with you. Start practicing giving today and notice what happens.” - Hale Dwoskin

Giving has been called the First Law of All Creation. It has also been said that there is a Universal Law of Giving and Receiving, or that giving and receiving are the same. To clarify, quoting Kathleen Rainbow, “For anything to function effectively, there needs to be some kind of structure. There are laws that govern our universe called Universal Laws. These laws apply to everything, everywhere at all times in our universe. These laws enable our universe to function in an orderly fashion. Without these laws there would be chaos in the universe. By studying, understanding, cooperating, and applying these Universal Laws in our daily lives we can lead the most successful, fulfilling, abundant, joyful and healthy life possible.”

In today’s modern society, human consciousness is awakening to a primary law governing the creation of abundance; 'Giving and Receiving are one and the same. To give is to receive. To receive is to give.' A conviction of universal oneness remains at the heart of this thought system, thus when we give, we do not lose what we give, rather, we receive more of what we give. Lester Levenson, the inspiration behind The Sedona Method, used to say, “In the end, you discover that the only one you have ever helped is you.” So when we give peace, we receive more peace. When we give money, we receive more money. And when we give love, we receive more love. When we accept as a core belief that giving and receiving are the same, we thrive.

Whenever we give with no expectation of receiving something back in return, we are allowing the energy of the universe to flow naturally and powerfully, coming back to us many times over and in many ways. But when a gift is given to acquire something, this is really barter and similar to commerce. This attention on receiving, or getting something back, creates unseen blocks or resistance to receiving. An attitude of “getting” creates a blocked-up condition, a paralyzed state. As long as we maintain a desire for “getting” and an attitude of “getting,” we shut out the spirit of giving, and this limits the flow of good that can come to us. When we are truly giving, we are not eager for of any type of payback. If we simply give to get, we cause the flow to stop. When we give from the heart and with no expectations, we will receive much more.

It was once pointed out to me that, ‘In Philippians 4:15-19, Paul speaks to the church about the power and benefits of giving and receiving, telling them that this financial would be like opening up a debit and credit account for each of them, creating an open door for God almighty to meet every need that they have.’

And the School of Metaphysics shares, ‘Life is a series of moments. The quality of your life is totally determined by the choices you make in how you spend your time. To give a gift signifies time well spent. It is effort well spent that returns to us many fold in the spirit with which the gift was given. This is according to Universal Law.’

We can see from these two poles apart, cultural viewpoints that the common thread expressed is that giving opens up the door to receiving. When we give and expect nothing in return, the Universal Law of Giving and Receiving allows us to receive something in return when we are giving via a constant exchange of energy between us and the universe. This vibrant energy defines one beautiful truth of our existence.

About the Author:

Chava LeBarton taught fine art for 15 years, is a certified ThetaHealer and Oneness Deeksha Blessing giver and commercial real estate investor. She shows people how to realize financial prosperity while they help others to do the same. Visit and

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