Wealth Inspiration

I adore inspirational news stories-- especially when they are about wealth. Reading such a story is a great way for you to stop negative thoughts and allow the law of attraction to take you towards your desires.

The article that I just read was about an unemployed man who hit the lottery.... TWICE in one day. Sean Sanders is a mortgage broker who has only worked sparingly since 2007, but his luck changed within seconds. These things do happen and they can happen to me (and you).

My favorite line from the movie "The Secret" is, "Money comes easily and frequently." Somebody in the movie reported saying this repeatedly until she had the life that she wanted. Well, it works. The statement helps to raise your vibration around the subject of money, which leads to manifestation of the desire. The tricky part is ridding yourself of any resistance that threatens to hold you apart from the desire. Resistance to money? Yep! Those little thoughts that say-- "money can't really come easily," "this will probably take forever," "I don't have a job," "I have too many bills," "the economy is bad," "money doesn't grow on trees," etc. Those thoughts, by the law attraction, will keep you closer to financial lack rather than allowing your financial gain. Nonetheless, most people are so accustomed to thinking these resistant thoughts that it seems impossible to think more allowing thoughts.

So, how do you change your thinking when it seems that your thoughts are just thinking themselves. How do you think positively when you clearly see "reality" staring you in the phase? One thing that I've learned is to focus on a different reality. I keep my eyes and ears open for evidence of what I want to see. I look for stories like this one about Sean Sanders.

While completing the proper paper work to collect his $1,400 winnings from the California lottery draw, Mr. Sanders took a look at his Mega Millions ticket. He had won another $141,519. Wow! We don't hear many stories like this one, but there are many of them out there.

If it happened to Mr. Sanders, it can happen to anyone. Your fortune may or may not come through the lottery, but if you can focus on the fact that it is coming-- it will show up. It may be in the form of an inspirational idea, a knight in shining armour, a windfall of money, a business opportunity, or even a series of connections that lead to the ultimate prize.

So, stop wondering about the when and how of it all. Just continue finding ways to remain in a state of alignment with what you desire. If you want to be broke or unhealthy, keep complaining about your bills or worrying about cancer statistics. If you want something better, try to feel better. How? For starters, consider declining the next time you have a chance to discuss the poor state of the economy, unpaid bills, or an underpaying job? Consider thinking, instead, of a Sean Sanders story. Consider giving your focus to a thought that allows, rather than resists, your innermost desires.