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How Abundance Consciousness Creates Miracles
Author: Chava LeBarton

We are learning how to create that which we desire, such as abundance and love, by rising above the ego-body-mind-intellect complex and surrendering to the creative, loving energy of the universe (God, Creator, Presence, Spirit). This higher consciousness is in alignment with All That Is, and this is a place where everything we need already exists by virtue of using the creative mind to manifest it.

For example, many believe the outcome of the 2008 presidential election in the U.S. was a miracle. Likewise, many people accept as true that the rising of consciousness of everyday people in our society has been a major contributor to the election of Barack Obama. It is suggested is that we have created the space for this, or for any perceived miracle to occur, by first attaining the conscious intention and creative mind for it to happen.

We have all seen, or been aware of miracles taking place in our world, both in the past and in the present. defines a miracle as ‘an effect or extraordinary event in the physical world that surpasses all known human or natural powers and is ascribed to a supernatural cause.’ For those of us who are on a path for awakening to our Higher Selves, we understand that we are the creators of what we experience. We know that we are responsible for our growth as Beings, and that certain things will show up in our lives as we come to higher awareness, such as prosperity.

In order for us to be able to “have” something wonderful, we must be in a state of “havingness,” which is the ability to allow divine grace to flow through us, unrestricted. Each human being is born with this higher quality, though our cultures, in their focus on survival, create a veil between us and this latent gift we all have. However, we are living in a time unprecedented on this planet wherein human consciousness is awakening at a faster pace than it has in many thousands of years. In ancient times, in another age, or yuga, there were many enlightened beings walking around. Today, many people are beginning to realize that they have the potential to become such beings. It is said that we are currently moving into a Golden Age where many people will become, or be born enlightened.

Coming into a higher consciousness calls for spiritual effort. We do this in many ways in order to take responsibility for our relationship with the Divine, however that may be defined individually. We accomplish this with deep meditation, through conscious communion with the Divine Presence within ourselves, by offering devotion to higher beings such as Christ, Indian deities, like Shiva in the illustration, the Great White Brotherhood, Archangels, and others, and by placing ourselves in a position of active awareness of the ego-body-mind-intellect complex with a knowing that we are supreme souls that are separate from the “body person” we reside in.

All of this personal spiritual effort has a beautiful side effect; as the consciousness becomes more aware, we become lighter… not only mentally, but on a cellular level. And as we gently, gradually become accustomed to this lighter state, we are able to release old patterns and core beliefs that have created resistance. This new human condition is where we feel no heavy attachment or aversion to whatever is happening. We become more detached, more the Knower and Seer, and this is where “allowing” takes place because the invisible blockages are dissipating. This is new age spirituality.

New age spirituality is both a process and an end in itself. It is finding personal, yet elevated fulfillment within by lightening up our mental load, as we have learned to hold the separation between what is Real and what is relative. It is a vow to let go of whatever holds us, like gravity, from truly knowing our Selves as divine. And within this Knowledge, by holding ourselves in this higher understanding, grace finds its foothold, its freeflow, in our lives.

About the Author:

Chava LeBarton taught fine art for 15 years, co-founded an internet animation company, is a ThetaHealer and Oneness Blessing Deeksha Giver, and currently invests in commercial real estate. Chava and her husband empower people to achieve financial prosperity quickly as they help others do the same. Visit her blog at and her website at

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