Jasmina recovery

Today I read a wonderful, inspirational story about a little girl named Jasmina Anema's triumph over a rare form of leukemia.

At 6 years old, Jasmina desperately needed a bone marrow transplant; but her African American heritage along with the fact that she was adopted (marrow matches usually come from close family members) left doctors pessimistic about her potential for survival.

Statistics show that only 7% of donors are African American, thus making the chance of finding a matching donor for an adopted African American child seem impossible. Despite the odds, Jasmina has a new lease on life.

Jasmina Famous singers, including Rihanna and Kelly Rowland, helped with a bone marrow drive that led to 7,000 African American donors undergoing testing to see if they could be a match for Jasmina. Two nearly identical matches were found, though neither was a perfect match, and Jasmina's transplat surgery was a success.

I love this story. Although watching the news usually lowers my vibration, I seek and find great stories like this one. The world is full of wonderful, inspiring things that happen every single day. There is evidence of miracles all around-- we just have to choose to give our attention to those things instead of what we usually tune into. That is what it means to practice the art of allowing.

Focus on what feels good for your feelings indicate your point of attraction. As you think good thoughts and notice what is desirable, you're allowing every wonderful thing that you desire to flow into your life.

If you believe the world is full of sorrow, the law of attraction will yield proof in your life to match that belief. If you believe the world is full of joy, the law of attraction will match that belief. Jasmina's story adds to my belief that we don't have to accept any situation as hopeless. What do you believe?

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