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Is Law of Attraction the secret that can help you to lose weight without dieting?

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Millions of people in the United States struggle with obesity and the illnesses that come along with it. Millions more are not quite obese, but they struggle with food intolerance, eating disorders, negative body image, or just an inability to reach their ideal body weight.

At the same time the U.S. has more diet and weight loss options than other countries. Every product that you can think of comes in a reduced fat variety targeted at American dieters. It almost seems as if there is a new diet plan, book, or pill put on the market every day. From Jenny Craig to Weight Watchers, from Atkins diet to the Cabbage Soup diet, from FenFen to Hydroxycut, there is something for everyone. So, why is it that Americans are the most overweight people in the world? Does Law of Attraction have anything to do with this situation? The answer: Absolutely!

In one of my favorite books French Women Don’t Get Fat, Mireille Guiliano unknowingly illustrates how Law of Attraction factors into our dietary issues. Mireille came to the U.S. as an exchange student. Although she arrived as a typical, slim French girl, she returned home overweight. This can seem hard to understand considering that the French diet is rich in real butter (not the low fat stuff), heavy cream, bread, cheese, wine, and dessert. They eat such foods daily yet they remain slender. Why?

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The secret is that French people truly eat for pleasure. They don’t sacrifice taste by using watered down ingredients in an attempt to decrease calories. They don’t deprive themselves with diets that eliminate breads or meats or chocolates. They eat everything that Americans seek to avoid and they enjoy each morsel of food. Now that’s a diet!

So, why aren’t we all so lucky? Let’s take a look at a more Americanized approach to food. As you contemplate sitting down to eat a big, buttered croissant, what are you thinking? If you are a typical American, you are probably thinking of what it will do to your waist line or your hips. You may be thinking “I really shouldn’t be eating this” or “I know this is bad for my health” or “I bet this has 500 calories” or “It’s not fair that I can’t eat whatever I want” or “This will make me so fat and undesirable” or "A moment on the lips equals a lifetime on the hips." Now, guess what those thoughts are summoning from Law of Attraction. It is definitely not attracting weight loss.

While you are focusing on what you do NOT want, you are disallowing the slim figure that you do want. You are attracting what you’ve been thinking: vulnerability to weight gain, inability to lose weight, food related health issues, and the ugly list goes on. From this state of mind, you will not get any real pleasure from the food that you eat. Your eating experiences are laced in low vibration thoughts like fear, anxiety, disempowerment, and frustration. And what is the result of low vibration thoughts? Such thoughts resist the manifestation of what you desire. They hinder your ability to realize all that Law of Attraction has for you. In other words, whether or not you eat that buttery croissant, you’ve mentally created a great deal of resistance to the body that you want. The result of your resistant thoughts may be actual weight gain, allergic reactions to foods that you enjoy, an eating disorder, body image issues, digestive problems, or just an ongoing dissatisfaction with this part of your life.

So, is it safe to say that Mirelle (the French author) could eat this croissant and remain slender? She could and she does. Consider this: a French meal often consists of people sitting around a table filled with different varieties of foods. It is usually served in courses, but may also be set in a buffet style. French people typically appreciate the different colors, flavors, and textures of the items that sit before them. They enjoy the way the foods look on the table and notice how each bite of food feels on the tongue. They pay attention and appreciate every aspect of the eating experience, savoring every single morsel. Although they are not consciously invoking some type of Law of Attraction weight management plan to keep them slender, they are allowing it to happen.

This is quite unlike the mindless eating of most Americans. A typical American meal is often preceded by anxiety about the effects of the food. The actual meal often consists of a piece of meat that has had the taste fried out of it, stuffed between two pieces of preservative-filled bread, thrown into a bag or on a cheap plate, and then eaten while driving or watching television. Another difference is that the American meal is often followed by another bout of anxiety about the effects of the food rather than laughing with friends about the wonderful stimulation of the taste buds.

If you’re having issues with your weight and you’re wondering how to apply this information, remember this statement from Abraham: “It isn’t about what I’m doing. It’s about how I’m feeling while I’m doing it.” To begin changing your body, start changing your relationship with food. If you are in a state of appreciating your body and the foods that you eat, everything will fall into place. That may mean something different for everyone. For one person, that may mean that the Universe will renew your food cravings. For another person, that may mean that you’ll notice a desire to eat less. After all, the French people rarely feel compelled to gorge themselves on the large display of foods sitting at their tables.

Don’t worry about what changes you need to make in order to lose weight or avoid extra pounds. That's not what this Law of Attraction weight loss plan is all about. Just trust that the Universe will take care of your body if you simply find a way to offer positive thoughts of food. On this subject, and all others, your “work” is simply to reach a place of alignment with what you want. So, if being slender will make you feel happy and content with your body… work on ridding yourself of worry so that you can feel happy and content NOW.

Best wishes on your journey to the body of your dreams.

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