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Allowing v.s. Resisting

The law of attraction is always working perfectly. It is law. But are you doing your part? I make these statements and questions repeatedly throughout this site in order to remind people that you have the power. Unfortunately, many people don’t make the best of the law of attraction because they don’t understand the law of allowing (also called the art of allowing).

Resistance…the only thing that can keep you apart from what you want.

If you have been holding a desire for a very long time without it manifesting in your life, you have resistance to your desire that is keeping you from allowing it. Most people frown when I say they are not allowing the law of attraction to bring forth manifestations because they are sure that they wouldn’t do anything to hold back something that they want so bad. I agree to a certain extent—nobody would intentionally do anything to resist their desires, but the law of attraction does not factor in your intent.

If your desires just don’t seem to come to you (or you find that you’re working like a slave to see the tiniest manifestations) it is time for you to learn the law of allowing. Your experience with delayed or non-existent manifestations is evidence that your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs are not in alignment with what you want and what your Inner Being has already become. The good news is that you can start “cleaning up” the resistance and allowing your ideal life to unfold.

So, What Is Resistance?

You may still not believe that you are the person holding you away from what you want, so I want to give a real world example to help you understand and recognize resistance. Although this specific example may not apply to you, you’ll be able to get the gist of the concept.

Sally is 38 and she desperately wants to get married. She works very hard to meet men and to get them to love her. She’s had one failed relationship after another, but she doesn’t give up. She goes to church every Sunday hoping that someone will take an interest, joins every online dating site, flirts passively with single guys at work, and asks all of her friends to pair her up with someone. Sally thinks all the time about how much she wants to be married. To cope with the rejection and deal with her feelings about being unmarried as she approached 40, she writes about her dating dilemmas in her journal at night. Sally’s single friends really understand her dilemma, so they talk about it on the phone at night and post about it in online message boards.

Let’s define the resistance in the above scenario. What is Sally thinking when she’s approaching men and going overboard to make herself available, how is she feeling? Is she having fun with dating? Is she thinking about how joyful it is to be on this beautiful Earth, meeting all different types of men, getting to know them, sharing information about how wonderful she is? Probably not. In fact, potential husbands would flock to Sally if she was in this mindset.

Sally’s actions don’t feel good to her. She doesn’t enjoy pushing herself on men, but she does it because she feels that she has to do it if she wants to get married. And if you feel bad or discouraged, you are having bad or discouraging thoughts. And if you’re having bad or discouraging thoughts around a situation, you are not allowing law of attraction to yield a good or encouraging outcome.

Now let’s look at what else Sally is doing wrong. She’s feeling anxious about being unmarried and she’s thinking about how unfortunate this is for a woman who is approaching 40. She may even be thinking of what it will be like to be a lonely, old lady in a few decades. She may be feeling jealous of others who have gotten married. When she’s on a date, she may be thinking that this guy is likely afraid of commitment just like all the others. Every anxious, jealous, self-defeating thought is a resistant thought. Those thoughts will make Sally feel bad, thus she will be a vibrational match to more of what feels bad. In other words, the law of attraction responds to our thoughts and our feelings/emotions are indicators of what we are attracting through those thoughts.

But wait..... there is more that Sally is doing wrong. Journaling, talking with girlfriends, and posting on message boards about what makes her unhappy... all resistant behaviors. These are just more ways of remaining tuned in to the problem, which means that you are not allowing the desired solution. Like the rest of us, Sally is NOT intentionally resisting what she wants. But she is resisting nonetheless.

Cleaning Up Resistance

In order to allow your desires to flow into your life, you must clean up your resistant thoughts and any behaviors that breed those thoughts. At first, it will be extremely difficult for you to change how you think about a situation that you have a great deal of resistance to. Because those disallowing thoughts have been your dominant thoughts for so long, they will seem to keep popping back into your head any time you think about that situation. Why? Because law of attraction begins sending more thoughts to match any thought that you hold for at least 17 seconds. That's right.... just 17 seconds. So, imagine what is happening when you've been thinking a certain way for years. In such a case, that thought has become a belief. And the law of attraction always sends you plenty of thoughts and circumstances to match the beliefs that you hold. Nonetheless, there is an easy solution with the law of allowing.

You do NOT have to think positive thoughts about whatever it is that bothers you. You just have to stop thinking negative thoughts about it. If you’ve been on an exhausting, lifelong quest for money, marriage, or healing from an illness; you will have a hard time cleaning up what you think and feel about that. So, try giving your attention to something else. The Universe already knows what you want, so you don’t need to keep focusing on it in order for the desire to unfold. You’ve asked. And it is given. Now focus on anything that you love or appreciate so that you are a vibrational match to what you desire.

And finally… be on the lookout for mini-manifestations. If your desire is great wealth, don’t overlook it when you find $20.00 on the floor in the grocery store. Focus on it. Write about it in your journal. Tell everyone you know. Know that the law of attraction is working perfectly and that the Universe is letting you know that you are on the right course.

Your ideal life experiences will show up faster and easier if you will simply allow it by giving the majority of your attention to whatever feels great. This is the art of allowing.

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