Law of Attraction Dilemma

Difficulty Controlling Thoughts

Many people who’ve stumbled upon the Law of Attraction or The Secret find themselves obsessively trying to control their thoughts. This can be so frustrating that that they give up on learning about the Universal laws altogether. So, I’d like to add some clarity to this concept.

First of all, it is important to relax about the idea of creating reality through thinking. Yes, the law of attraction is so powerful that a thought begins to attract matching thoughts within a mere 17 seconds and those thoughts gain creative power within 68 seconds of purely focusing on a subject. However, you’ll notice that the things that you desire rarely manifest instantaneously.

How many times have you imagined yourself with a million dollars and then woke up to find the full amount beside you the next day? That probably hasn’t happened too often. By the same token, you don’t need to panic if you find your mind wandering off and thinking about elephants running over your car, a serial killer hacking you into little pieces, or anything else that you don’t want to create. There is indeed a buffer of time before law of attraction results in manifestations--and this buffer benefits us. Your life is the result of the culmination of your thoughts, but an individual thought has very little creative power.

You should indeed be concerned about what your thoughts are creating if you are a person who regularly thinks about cancer statistics, rising crime rates, airplane crashes, lack of safety, risks of danger, natural disaster, etc. Everyone thinks about these things sometimes, but you’ll find that you have a general feeling of insecurity and vulnerability if you give too much attention to such subjects. And if you feel insecure or vulnerable, law of attraction will indeed send matching circumstances to make this your truth.

Rather than obsessively monitoring your thoughts, you should simply pay attention to how you’re feeling and gently guide your thoughts to that which feels better. The key to living the life that you want is to deliberately create that reality by making sure that the lion's share of your thoughts are in alignment with your desires. The way you feel, your emotions, will tell you if you are on the right track.

Here are a few tips to help you ease into positive thinking and the creation of your ideal life:

  • Try to opt out of negative conversations with people who would rather dwell on what they do not want

  • Look around all day for things to appreciate and write them down

  • Commit to spending 30 minutes daily journaling about why you appreciate the things you’ve observed during the day

  • Read or write positive affirmations each day

  • Avoid watching the news

  • Avoid writing negative things in your journal

  • Find a friend or a group of people who enjoy discussing positive topics

  • Spend time enjoying Attraction Saga's Feel Good page

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