Law of Attraction and Your Work

Hate Your Job or Manifest A New One: A Law of Attraction guide for creating your ideal work experience healthy body affirmation

Many people spend their entire lives working jobs that they hate. Feelings of fear and insecurity lead them to do whatever is deemed necessary for survival. However, in this world of endless possibilities, there is no real reason for a person to waste their life away by waking up each day to do something that makes them feel bad.

Once you understand that you are completely empowered to harness the unlimited potential of the Universal laws, you may be more apt to let go of insecurities. You may also be more apt to create your dream job opportunity once you realize that you are 100% capable of doing just that. This doesn’t mean you should walk out of your job tomorrow. After all, Law of Attraction is not summoned by your actions. It responds to the vibration of your thoughts. Therefore, my first recommendation is that you begin creating your new job by appreciating the job you currently have.

When you are appreciating, you are in a state of allowing Law of Attraction to bring forth all that you desire. Therefore, I am challenging you to start appreciating your job even if your boss is unfair, you don’t get along with your co-workers, you’re underpaid, or you’re overworked. There is never any benefit to you in focusing on the negative aspects of your work (or any other situation). Your thoughts of frustration, anger, and discontentment will only prolong your unfavorable experience with this job. Furthermore, the negative results of those resistant thoughts will follow you to your new job and even spill over into other areas of your life. Ask yourself if it is worth it.

If you need a little help with changing how you think and feel about your job, try this simple exercise for cleaning up the resistance that is hindering your advancement.

  1. Go to a quiet place where you can be alone without interruptions for at least a half hour
  2. Take out 3 sheets of paper (more if you choose)
  3. Write at the top of each sheet “I Appreciate ____________” or “I Love__________”
  4. Think of some things, people, or places that you truly love or appreciate (a dog, a type of flower, a child, a vacation spot, etc.)
  5. On the first sheet, begin writing all of the things that you love or appreciate about one person, place, or thing you thought of in the previous step. Notice how good you’re feeling inside as you do this.
  6. On the second sheet, do this for a second person, place, or thing. Write everything as it flows from you, continuing to notice how good you are feeling as you write.
  7. Now that you are feeling better, start thinking of things that you appreciate or love about your job. Write them on the next sheet of paper. You don’t have to come up with a long list, but come up with as much as you can.
  8. Take some time to look over the things that you’ve written in the previous step. Hold onto this sheet of paper because you'll want to refer back to it often.

Once you’ve had a chance to practice feeling better about your job, you have changed your point of attraction. You’ve reached a state of allowing Law of Attraction to manifest your desires. Now, your work is to continue offering thoughts that match the positive vibration of your improved feeling. Whenever you find yourself focusing on the undesirable aspects of your work, replace those thoughts with the ones you wrote down in step 7 of the above exercise. This is deliberate creation-- using your thinking to create the reality that you want.

As Law of Attraction brings new thoughts to match your elevated vibration, you will begin to notice that it is easier to think positively about your current job. And as these improved thoughts become your dominant thoughts, you will begin experiencing mini-manifestations that match what you really want.

Enjoy and appreciate every manifestation, for this is the way to keep them flowing. You’ll find yourself in the right places at the right times. People who can help with your career will be drawn to you. You’ll attract all types of opportunities that might have otherwise gone unnoticed. This is the unfolding of what you have asked the Universe to bring into your life. And your desire will be fully realized if you will only maintain your positive focus.

Your perfect work experience awaits you.

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