Deliberate Creation and Law of Attraction Manifestation

How to use law of attraction for the deliberate attraction and deliberate creation of your perfect life...

The Law of Attraction is always there working perfectly whether or not you believe it, understand it, or are even aware of it. It is a Universal law through which worlds are created, thus it is a major part of everyone’s life experience whether or not they use it deliberately.

We are all powerful beings who may create the reality that we desire. Nonetheless, there are so many people who find that life is miserable for them. You may be experiencing such hardship right now that it is difficult to accept a principle that says you have created it for yourself. Why would anyone create something that they do not desire? Why are people living miserable lives if they have the power to create a joyful life? The answer is simple. They are not creating with deliberate intent. Because they do not understand the principle of deliberate creation, they are creating life by default.

Because most people assume that they must DO something in order to make a thing happen, they are completely unaware of the fact that they are bringing about undesirable things for themselves through their thoughts. As a powerful creator whose thoughts are the creation tool, you cannot stop creating. And your thoughts have far more creative power than your actions.

Imagine a builder who never learned to use his tools, doesn’t follow a guide or blueprint, and fails to pay attention while building—he or she just starts banging the hammer, putting nails anywhere, and slathering concrete wherever it may land. The results would be unpredictable at best.

This is how most people create their lives. They don’t know what they are doing so they just create chaotically without directing their thoughts, listening to their inner guidance, or practicing deliberate creation.

You will likely experience frustration and dissatisfaction if you are so focused on what your physical body is doing that you put no effort into understanding and properly utilizing the larger part of who you are.

You will not become more of a creator by gaining an understanding of the Universal laws because you have always had this power. However, you will be far more satisfied with the results when you have brought them about through your deliberate intent and conscious awareness of what you want. Deliberate creation simply means deciding what to build instead of just observing whatever turns out from your unguided thoughts.

I am fully aware that these concepts are difficult to understand at first, so I will include some practical examples to look at. Here are a few errant thoughts that lead to the creation of that which may be undesirable:

  • They always get awards and I get nothing
  • Life is so easy for them while people like me have to suffer
  • I wish I could get a new job, but I can’t do it without a degree
  • I can’t eat that food because it will make me fat
  • This country is in turmoil and the economy is such a mess
  • X number of people die of cancer every year
  • My boss doesn’t like me
  • Those people are stupid (or wrong, or ugly, or evil)
  • When it rains it pours

The thoughts above create life circumstances that include lack, jealously, disease, vulnerability, health scares, financial distress, and just a general lack of well-being.

If you do not want something, do not give your attention to it. That doesn’t instantly change the fact that it exists, but it will change your experience with it. And then it will cease to be a part of your truth.

If you do want something, give your attention to it (rather than to the lack of it). No, it won't always manifest immediately. You will have a time buffer, during which you can change your mind or fine tune that desire. However, you will be praciticing deliberate creation in such a non-resistant way that the law of attraction will indeed deliver.

Instead of focusing on how much you hate your job, find a positive aspect of it. Instead of thinking about political issues or groups of people that you don’t agree with, give your attention to kind friends or charitable organizations.

This will initially be difficult for persons accustomed to mind poison because the law of attraction always sends thoughts that match your beliefs. If you believe that you are weak, broke, sick, fat, or unsafe, matching thoughts will continue coming to your mind. However, it is within your power to change these beliefs one thought at a time.

I challenge you to renew your thinking, realize your own power, take responsibility, practice deliberate creation, and live the rest of your life in outrageous joy.

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