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A Simple Guide to Manifest Successful Relationships

Law of Attraction is a Universal Law, thus it impacts every part of your existence, including your love life. If dysfunctional or otherwise unsuccessful relationships are your pattern, do not give up hope.

It’s easy to feel scared, mistreated, or even cursed if you’ve had a series of partnerships that did not work out according to your plans. However, there is great news. With a little guidance, you can experience true love and have the relationship of your dreams.

Here are a few Law of Attraction relationship tips that may be the secret you've been waiting for:

Don’t fear loneliness.

Many people obsess about finding the right person because they fear growing old alone. Fear is a creative thought, as all thoughts are, and you won’t like what it creates for you. Being alone is something you should embrace rather than fear. If you fear it, you will disallow Law of Attraction manifestations and potential lovers may be scared away by your noticeable neediness. Your desire for a relationship must be a pure desire, not a desperate yearning based on fear of lack.

Be happy before the relationship.

If you are thinking “I will be so happy when I find the love of my life,” you’re missing a piece of the puzzle. Happiness attracts happiness, so do whatever it takes to feel good now. It is never the job of another person to make you happy. In fact, the relationship will suffer immensely if both parties are not already happy with themselves.

Tame your expectations.

Disappointment is around the corner if you expect your partner to meet all of your needs, do things the way you think is right, make changes at your request, and meet a lot of other expectations that are firmly set in your mind. You’ll find that success comes easier when you enter a relationship with the mindset of what you can bring to it rather than what you can get from it.

Unless you’ve reached full enlightenment and spiritual mastery, you are a work in progress. Therefore, you have plenty of room to become the best person that you can be for the relationship. Let this always be your focus.

Deeply know the person you are dating.

Unhappy relationships often stem from a failure to learn and understand each other while dating. Pay attention to a potential mate’s character by observing how they interact with the world, not just how they interact with you. You may want to keep looking if you’ve found a person who is currently pleasant to you, yet they speak harshly to their parents, break the law, lie to employers, disrespect colleagues, and/or shirk responsibility for their children. After all, everything a person thinks and does is a reflection of where they are on their path in life right now.

Although it can be tempting to think that they will be different with you, this is highy unlikely. When a person shows you who they are, believe them. And most importantly—do not assume that they will change for you.

Fully accept your partner.

Once you’ve chosen to move forward in a relationship with someone, fully accept them for who they are. Accepting is evidence of pure love. And pure love summons Law of Attraction to manifest positive circumstances in your life. A lack of acceptance, on the other hand, is a breeding ground for unhappiness. Relationships are simply not fulfilling when either partner feels that they cannot follow the path that feels natural to them.

Change yourself instead of your partner.

Your “work” is always to be the best you that you can be. This self improvement will benefit both you and your relationship. The more you realize that you are every bit as perfectly imperfect as your mate, the less time you will have to try changing the other person. Demands to change are usually met with resistance because humans value freedom above everything else. That resistance may eventually take the form of resentment that leads to a partner seeking freedom outside of the confines of the relationship.

If you find yourself constantly demanding changes from your partner (no matter how large or small), this means that you have work to do on yourself. Work on your ability to unconditionally love and accept the person if you want to remain in a relationship with them. Law of Attraction will respond to a positive thought of love with more positive thoughts of love. And as you accumulate loving, positive thoughts, you will allow the Universe to manifest positive improvements in your relationship.

Renew your thinking.

Because individuals are so different, there will always be things about your significant other that seem less than ideal. You may hate it when your partner leaves toothpaste in the sink, tinkles on the toilet seat, or drinks out of the orange juice container. It is fine to let the person know what bothers you, but your work is really to change how you look at it. Remember, the problem is not what you are observing. You feel annoyed, angry, or upset because of what you are thinking about what you are observing. Changing the other person is an uphill battle, but changing your thoughts is completely doable.

If you will choose a renewed outlook and offer thoughts of gratitude, Law of Attraction will bring you more reasons to appreciate. Instead of thinking “I hate it when he leaves the toilet seat up,” try thinking “I’m perfectly capable of putting the toilet seat down myself.” Instead of thinking “She spends too much time working and not enough time with me and the kids,” try thinking “I love her for trying so hard to balance work and family.”

Know when to let go.

You do yourself and your partner a disservice by remaining in a relationship that is full of unhappiness, anger, pressure, arguing, and resentment. Those resistant thoughts and feelings disallow Law of Attraction manifestations, thus negatively impacting your life experience in more areas than just your love life. It is wonderful to do all that you can to accept your partner, but you should also have the courage to leave when you’ve exhausted your efforts. Love yourself and the other person enough to let go when necessary.

Re-evaluate how you measure relationship success.

Be wary of confusing success with longevity. Countless relationships endure the test of time, despite the fact that one or both partners live in complete misery. That type of longevity indicates tolerance, not success. Measure success by how satisfied you are with the person you have become in the relationship. Are you growing as a person by paying attention to who you are in relation to challenges that arise with your partner? Are you maintaining a positive vibration that allows Law of Attraction to manifest your desires? You should be co-creating a beautiful life with the person you love rather than simply hoping to reach a certain number of years together.

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