Law of Attraction and Money

Learn to Manifest Money and Defy Recession

The Secret to Recession Proof Wealth and Abundance

No matter what you have seen or heard, a recession is no match for Law of Attraction.Corporate downsizing, job losses, home foreclosures, and bankruptcies have been occurring at a rate that most of us haven't seen in our lifetime. However, the Universal Law of Attraction enables you to achieve your dreams without regard to any national or international economic circumstances. In other words, you have the ability to opt-out of what others see as financial turmoil.

The recession started with a slight downturn and it seemed to spin out of control as scared consumers replaced spending with worrying. This is a powerful example of people coming together to co-create that which is not desirable. Remember the following pointers the next time you feel uncertain about your financial potential:

You are only as vulnerable as you think you are.

If you allow yourself to think that you are vulnerable to recession, home foreclosures, job loss, and financial lack, you are indeed vulnerable to these things. By replacing your thoughts of contentment with those of susceptibility to undesired outcomes, you create a recession for your own life. However, you have the power to change this whenever you please. If you choose to see your financial well-being as inevitable, Law of Attraction will send thoughts and circumstances to match that belief.

Remember your purpose

You are a completely empowered Being whose purpose is to create the reality that you desire-- not to observe and accept whatever others create. Nonetheless, you give up that power if your response to news of financial woes within your environment is a mind-set of fear. You are far too powerful to fall into this trap. Take back the control and remember that you are an unstoppable force.

While others are focused on financial pitfalls, you can be busy creating more money than you have ever had. Instead of thinking of the job cuts and foreclosures, you can give your attention to the millions of people who have jobs, homes, and money. There is absolutely no benefit in getting onboard with those who have a grim outlook, for you have the power to create your own truth.

Your success is not tied to a particular job

Most people worry about losing their jobs because they see it as their connection to financial well-being. They may believe that their livelihood depends on the job and that their fate lies in the employer's hands. These beliefs, not the economy, hold you apart from your heart's desires. Why? Because they stem from subconscious thoughts of fear, insecurity, and doubt.

While it may be true that you receive money from your job, there is no shortage of opportunities for you to make a living. Once you understand that your success is not contingent upon anything outside of yourself, you will be in a position to attract what you want. If you desire success of any kind, work on ridding yourself of any thoughts to the contrary. You have no limits except those you create in your mind.

Financial abundance awaits you.

If you want financial abundance, the Law of Attraction has already responded by lining it up for you. You simply need to release any resistance by aligning your thoughts with the vibration of your desire. In other words, figure out how it would feel for you to be wealthy and then practice feeling that way as often as possible.

There are people everywhere who are getting richer with each passing day. So, you have a choice. You can continue thinking thoughts of lack and giving your attention to what you do not want. Or you can look around for evidence of the abundance that is available.

Opportunity wears many disguises

Answers and manifestations do not always come in the form that you expected them. This is especially true if you haven't focused your desire specifically. If you have lost your job or home, do not settle in a place of negative thought about this. It may very well be an opportunity for something far greater. However, you will have difficulty manifesting what you truly want if you begin feeling scared, hopeless, or at risk. Consider reading a book such as Lilou Mace's, "I Lost My Job and I Liked It: 30-Day Law-of-Attraction Diary of a Dream Job Seeker." This is just one of many inspiring stories about the opportunities that often come disguised as obstacles.

The Universal Law of Attraction will manifest great things in your experience if you will simply cease your thoughts of lack, accept that you have the power to attract anything into your experience, and relax into a state of allowing.

"Successful people make money. It's not that people who make money become successful, but that successful people attract money. They bring success to what they do." - Wayne Dyer

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As always, follow your Inner Guidance to select the path that is best for you.

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