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Law of Attraction health

5 simple Universal Law of Attraction health tips for total health and wellness

1) Stop focusing on healing

Because Universal Law of Attraction responds to the vibration of your thoughts, it is more beneficial to focus on health and wellness than it is to think of healing. Thoughts of healing are an improvement over thoughts of sickness, so they are indeed a step in the right direction. However, your attention to the need for healing is still somewhat focused on the problem. Why? Because healing is the process of fixing something that is not well. And the creative power of your thoughts is less effective when directed towards not being well.

Try to turn your thoughts towards what you want—not the lack of it. There will be times when you think about cures, medications, and fighting the problem, but give as much thought as possible to the wonderful way that you want to feel. Imagine yourself well and notice the change in your thought vibration. See yourself moving through life without any health afflictions. Your imagination is a very powerful tool that summons the Universal laws of attraction in an amazing way. Never underestimate this power.

2) See through different eyes

Another way to practice allowing the Universal laws of attraction is to see your condition through the eyes of someone with a different circumstance. This is very helpful for anyone who has lost sight of the good in their life.

If you have cancer, realize that a blind person would love to have your ability to see loved ones and gaze at the sun each day. If you are blind, realize that a terminally ill cancer patient would envy the fact that you don’t undergo chemotherapy. No matter what your affliction, try to see the good that exists outside of it.

Although this process of seeing through different eyes does not immediately change your condition, it gives you a new perspective from which to view your world. It helps you to see opportunities to appreciate your life. And through your appreciation you allow Law of Attraction to manifest the perfect health that you desire.

3) Law of Attraction Health Appreciation process

Take out a pen and something to write on. Sit still and think of the total state of your body. Ask yourself: "What is functioning right in my body?" Is your heart beating perfectly at this moment? Are you getting sufficient air to your lungs? Is your skin protecting you from external elements? Do you have both arms and legs? Are your kidneys filtering the toxins from your blood? At any moment, our bodies are doing so many things the right way, yet we get fixated on a problem and lose sight of the big picture.

If you will simply take the time to give your attention to everything that is working perfectly inside of you, Universal Law of Attraction will respond with more positive thoughts and circumstances. If you need proof of the Universe's response, notice the positive shift in your thought vibration as you write thoughts of appreciation about your body. You may even notice that your pain and discomfort become unnoticeable while you are completing this process. This is a true display of your mind’s power.

4) Celebrate tiny victories

In order to allow the benefits of the Universal laws of attraction and manifestation, you must find opportunities to offer positive thoughts about your health. The more you do this, the more Law of Attraction will manifest improved circumstances that match your improved thought vibration. This gets easier when you train yourself to acknowledge tiny victories.

If you take a pill that improves your pain, spend some time appreciating the way that your body feels. Don’t allow yourself to worry about a future moment when the pain may return. If you are preparing for surgery, appreciate the skill of the surgeon and the amazing technology available at the hospital. If you feel slightly better on Tuesday than you did on Monday, treat yourself in some way. Write about it. Call others and tell them about it. Go out and engage in an activity that you couldn’t do the day before.

When you are feeling bad, it is difficult to offer positive thoughts that aid the manifestation of your desire. However, every tiny improvement makes it easier to see that you can improve further. The key is to take advantage of every opportunity to think and feel better, realizing that you’re getting closer with every positive thought.

5) Universal Law of Attraction Health Affirmations

Using daily Law of Attraction health affirmations is another wonderful way to offer positive thoughts that allow Law of Attraction manifestation. Affirmations are simple statements in which you claim the desire that you hold. Feel free to view the list of positive affirmations for health on this site and choose a few that you will use every day. If you want to learn more about how to effectively harness the power of affirmations , visit the Positive Affirmations page.

Here is a short list of affirmations to get you started:

  • I am healthy, whole and complete.
  • The vibrant wellness in my body increases every day.
  • I AM living a long and healthy Life.
  • I am filled with energy to do all the daily activities in my life.

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