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Are you wondering how to apply the Universal Law of Attraction for health issues? If so, you are not alone. This is an area filled with misunderstanding, and sometimes doubt, for those who seek an understanding of the Universal laws. After all, a physical illness is so undeniably real that the idea of using your thoughts to change it may seem ludicrous. So, can the Universal laws of attraction, allowing, and deliberate creation be applied when you are suffering from chronic illness or terminal disease? Is this where we find the limits of the Universal Law of Attraction and manifestation?

The following questions and answers address some of the most common misunderstandings about applying Law of Attraction for health:

Question/Concern: There should be no need for doctors, pills, or medical treatment since the Universal laws are so powerful. Can’t I just use Law of Attraction to think myself well and dissolve the illness with positive thought?

Answer: That depends on you. The Universe is not limited in its ability to respond to your desire. The Universal laws respond to your thoughts no matter what they are. You can indeed think yourself well. But only if you think that you can think yourself well. If you fully believe in your ability to heal your health concern, you can do it. However, most of us do not have a deep belief in our own healing power. In fact, most of us have a deep belief that this is not possible. Whatever your belief is, you must realize that it is not likely to change radically overnight. Therefore, you shouldn’t limit your healing by trying to force a particular type of resolution to the health problem.

If you want to have a perfectly healthy body, focus your attention on that. Does it really matter how you get it? If you will allow it, the Universe will manifest your desire in a form that you can accept. For some people that may be powerful pills, needles, great doctors, or surgery options. For others, the manifestation may be a miraculous, unexplainable change in the body’s condition. Rather than limiting the solutions available to you, work on allowing the manifestation of your desire in whatever form it may come. Remember, you aren’t in a state of allowing if you are worrying about the when and the how of manifestation. Accept it as it comes.

Question: How can I think positive thoughts when I feel such pain and discomfort?

Answer: This is undoubtedly difficult for most people. In fact, health problems often lead to depression, isolation, immobility, and even suicide. However, there is a great deal that you can do to help yourself offer positive thoughts that allow Law of Attraction for health and wellness.

One important thing is to remember that your positive outlook is the key to a positive outcome. Be patient with yourself and give your attention to every improvement. If you take a large dose of medication that takes away the pain for a while, use that time to raise your thought vibration. Stop and give appreciation for the improvements that you are feeling. Write or talk about how your body is feeling in that moment rather than worrying about the moment when the pain returns. The key is to seize every opportunity to allow Law of Attraction to manifest improved health for you. The more you appreciate and focus on your body feeling good, the more you are attracting the healthy body that you desire.

Question: After being diagnosed with a terminal illness, I know that I’m dying a slow and miserable death… why would I bother with Law of Attraction?

Answer: You are alive right now, but you are not living if you are focused on dying. To accept an undesirable medical diagnosis as your reality is to give up personal power over your health. And the feeling of disempowerment signifies a very low (and negative) thought vibration. Understanding the Universal Law of Attraction, on the other hand, replaces feelings of helplessness with the realization that you are invincible.

The Universal laws of attraction support our every thought, thus you should never feel powerless. You can aim to enjoy life or you can worry about loss of life. The choice is yours. If you believe that you are dying a slow and miserable death, you may indeed suffer for the rest of your life. And that is not living life at all. If the doctors do not have a solution, their truth does not have to be your truth. You can offer a positive thought vibration that creates your own reality in a miraculous way. Even if you do prefer to believe that you are dying, must you live out your last days as the walking dead? Feeling sorry for yourself will simply put you on a downward spiral. So, do whatever you need to do in order to feel a little better. Realize that if you are living—not dying—at this very moment.

Question: If the Universal laws allow us to create our own reality, why am I sick in the first place? I would never create a health problem for myself.

Answer: We summon the Universal laws of attraction with our thoughts, but most people are not offering thoughts intentionally. If you are like most people, you have given your thoughts to whatever you observe in your environment rather than creating your environment by offering the “right” thoughts. When you are not engaging in the deliberate creation of your reality, you simply create by default. And the results of these creations are sometimes undesirable.

Illness and disease may be created from thoughts of worry, fear, anger, or frustration. If you doubt the fact that you have created health problems in your body, you need only to analyze your thoughts. Ask yourself if the thoughts that you think are usually offering a positive or negative thought vibration to the Universe.

Despite an understanding of the Universal laws of attraction, you may continue to find it difficult to reap the benefits. If you need some help with applying this information, take a look at the Law of Attraction for Health Guide. This guide offers easy, practical self improvement ideas and Universal Law of Attraction health tips for anyone who is struggling with physical illness or disorder. It includes a wonderful list of affirmations for health that will help you on the journey to wellness.

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