Importance of Emotions
Law of Attraction and Your Feelings

The law of attraction is indeed law. Whether you benefit from it or not is up to you. If you’ve found this site then you have at least heard of this universal law, so you are off to a great start. You likely know the basic premise: your reality is created through your thoughts. But do you know that one of the most important pieces of the law of attraction puzzle is your feelings? That is right, you must feel good if you want to start seeing faster, easier, enjoyable manifestations of your desires.

For most people, feeling good is tied to what they observe with their physical senses; but consciously using law of attraction to create your ideal life means rising above this.

In order to understand the need for paying attention to your feelings, put these 4 points in your memory bank:

  • The universal laws will yield to you whatever matches your beliefs.
  • Your beliefs come from your thoughts on a subject.
  • Your feelings about that subject will match what you believe to be true.
  • What the law of attraction yields to you will be a vibrational match to what you're thinking (and therefore feeling)

Anytime you want to know how close you are to manifesting your desires, just do an inventory on your feelings. If you have resistance to the manifestation of that desire, you may notice feelings of anxiety, frustration, apprehension, or pessimism regarding that subject. If you are in a state of allowing, you will be a vibrational match to your desires, you will feel good, and the law of attraction will deliver.

For example, if you get a sick feeling in your stomach whenever you think about money, you have not yet reached a place where you are attracting financial abundance. Even if you get a pay raise or a windfall of money while you have this level of resistance, you would still find yourself in an undesirable financial situation. You may attract even more outstanding bills, get hit with new medical expenses, lose money in investments, or gain some other circumstances that match your vibration of financial lack.

This applies to any subject. You are attracting lack of what you want if you are feeling vulnerable to lack of what you want. You must reach a place where you believe that you can have whatever it is that you want. Believe it so much that, although you have not yet enjoyed this desire with your physical senses, thinking of it feels good. Believe it so much that it manifests.

Spiritual Cinema Circle Your feelings indicate what you are attracting just as the color green on a street light indicates that cars should go. When you are feeling good, you are in a state of allowing law of attraction to start manifesting your desires. When you are feeling bad, you are in a state of resisting law of attraction's manifestation of your desires.

You may have been conditioned to think that you can control what you do, but you can’t control how you feel. I beg to differ. You are a powerful creator in a physical body. You are completely in control.

If you are feeling bad, it is your “work” to change that. As you feel good, you will attract more circumstances that match that feeling. Here are a few suggestions to help you get on the right track.

  • Change the subject.Don’t sit around talking with friends or loved ones about things that make you feel bad. If you can’t put a positive spin on the subject, just change it altogether.

  • Find a different way of looking at the subject.Whether you choose to look at the glass as half full or half empty, it is the same glass.

  • Meditate. When your mind is filled with negative thoughts, sometimes it is much easier to rid yourself of thoughts than it is to think positive thoughts. There are many ways to meditate, so find a meditation practice that works for you.

  • Distract yourself with fun.Even if you don’t feel like it, get up and do something fun. This may be as simple as coloring a silly picture or as exciting as heading to a carnival. Laughter is the best medicine so you may even want to watch stand-up comedy on T.V. if you don’t want to leave the home.

  • Write. Writing is a wonderful and extremely powerful way to focus your creative energy and to allow law of attraction to work for your benefit. Because it is so powerful, make sure that you are writing something that you want to create rather than the lack of what you want. Don’t spend this time writing about your gripes with the world and everything that is wrong. That is okay for a few short moments in which you take inventory of your feelings, but you should move on from that to something that will help you to improve those feelings.

  • Law of Attraction coaching. A great way to immerse yourself in the law of attraction teachings is to join a coaching program such as The 11 Forgotten Laws Program. You'll learn the information faster, if that is your goal, so that you can begin creating positive changes immediately. The more you learn the more you prosper.

  • Try one of the Abraham Hicks processes.These processes helped me during periods of anxiety, frustration, and severe mental and physical turmoil. I’ve summarized my favorites on this page so that you may benefit from them, but you may want to get the book Ask and It Is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks to read all of the processes (and the rationale behind them) for yourself. I still say this book helped me more than any other book I’ve read in my life.

  • Use the Attraction Saga resource page.You'll always be in an allowing state when you're enjoying jokes, inspirational stories, and feel-good videos.

  • Remember your purpose.It is much easier to start living a better life when you understand that your purpose is not to struggle. Free yourself from any beliefs about the necessity of hardship. Remind yourself that your ultimate purpose is to experience joy as your thoughts contribute to the expansion of our great Universe. Yes, there will be contrast (undesirable experiences that help you to define new desires), but outrageous joy can, and should, be yours.

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