Inspirational News for Allowing Law of Attraction

The Universe brought me a great surge of inspirational joy today in the form of a news article about a group of blind hikers who made it to the top of Africa’s highest mountain. Hiking is one of those things that most people expect to give up if they lose their eyesight, but these eight courageous blind people succeeded in climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro.

The hiker’s journey included a group of 25 people, some acting as guides for the blind, who worked together to accomplish an amazing goal. Among the group was the youngest person to ever climb this mountain, a 13 year old blind boy who said he didn’t desire to stop even in the toughest moments of their ascent.

It takes a great deal of determination for anyone, let alone a person who cannot see, to climb a mountain that is more than 19,000 miles high. Nonetheless, the group encouraged and supported each other all the way to the top. This is an amazing example of a marvelous, co-created experience.

Although every individual is a powerful creator, we are capable of even more when we combine our inner strength. According to Greg DePinto and other guides on this mountain hike journey, they wouldn’t have continued the hike during difficult moments if it wasn’t for the blind people who inspired them to keep going. Wow! Look at what can happen when several minds focus intently on the same outcome.

Being aware that you are creating your own reality is empowering, but have you thought about the joy of co-creation? My hope for everyone is that you will have at least one friend with whom you enjoy positive, uplifting, encouraging activities that summon the law of attraction in your favor.

Video - Blind Hikers Scale Mt. Kilimanjaro

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