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Ask and It Is Given-- Or Not!

You are not alone if you've stumbled upon the law of attraction teachings and you're having trouble believing the “Ask and It Is Given” premise. Have you been asking, but not being given? Are you thinking that the Law of Attraction is not working for you? This Universal law always works perfectly--no exceptions. So, let’s discuss why you may be feeling that it is all a bunch of hogwash.

First of all, we all ask. Even you don’t open your mouth to ask for something, your requests and desires are dispersed into the Universe. When you are experiencing something in your life that you do not want, you send out a “vibrational” message to the Universe. And the law of attraction responds immediately. The larger part of you, your Inner Being, becomes a vibrational match to what you desire. At this point, you are being called towards who you have become. And if you resist it, which most people do unintentionally, you will feel awful.

Unfortunately most people don’t recognize being called toward their desires because they are so completely unaware of their Inner Being, their God Self, or anything other than their physical body. They continue to think and act as if they are still in the situation that they were in when they asked for something better. Why? Because they’ve been taught to believe what they physically observe.

It is very easy to believe that which is in front of you—the dead end relationship, mean boss, low salary, cancer diagnosis, unruly child, poor economy. In a world where you are taught from birth to pay attention to what is around you, it just seems natural to base your thoughts on what you can see, touch, taste, smell, and hear. This learned behavior has its place, but it can also be exactly what holds you away from your dreams.

The physical body is wonderful, but you have to remember that there is so much more to you. You must line up with the larger part of you in order to allow the manifestation of your desires. You will feel miserable and frustrated if you allow your thoughts to keep you sick, weak, and broke while the larger part of you has become healthy, wealthy, and powerful as a result of your asking.

If you are like most people, you’re wondering exactly how to go about changing this. You want the manifestations of your desires, but you don’t know what to do. Well, your work is to get into alignment with your Inner Being. You do this by deliberately choosing what you will think—and therefore what you feel and what you attract.

This can be overwhelming at first because it goes against what you’ve been trained to do all of your life. You’re probably so accustomed to observing what is around you and calling it your reality that you feel overwhelmed by the mere suggestion of controlling your thoughts; however, you must change your thoughts if you want to change your life. Why? Because your thoughts are your point of attraction. Yes, by the law of attraction, you create your own reality with every thought that you think.

Guess what you are creating if you’re thinking about the fact that you don’t make enough money, you have too many bills, other people have more money, you can’t buy the new car that you want, money doesn’t grow on trees, you need more money if you ever want to move out of that crappy apartment, or the economy is a mess. Those thoughts attract a life of financial lack. Nonetheless, people sit around and discuss these things with friends and family as if there is nothing else to talk about. You can keep doing that, but you must remember that it will keep creating the situation over and over.

People who think thoughts of financial lack will continue having financial problems even as they make more money. This is because it is not about the money. The law of attraction can yield to you manifestations of anything that you desire, but you must relax your thoughts in order to let it in. If what you let in is a life of lack, the law of attraction will not try to force abundance upon you.

With this in mind, you may want to reconsider the next time a co-worker wants to sit around and discuss how awful your boss is or how overwhelming the work has become. I know that sounds difficult because you believe that there is no harm in discussing these things since they are “true.” Well, every thought is an opportunity to create a new truth.

If you want to create a new truth, try thinking something positive about that situation or just focus on something totally different. You have the choice to think (and create) what you desire or what you don’t desire. If you ask for something while continuing to give your attention to its absence, you are not allowing it to manifest. Stop resisting and hindering your own progress. Here are a few examples of positive thoughts to think about finances and work-related issues:

  • Won’t it be nice when I’m driving around in a fancy car like my boss
  • It’ll be exciting to use the experience from this job to help me sell myself in an interview for the position at XYZ company
  • Working steadily really makes the day go by fast
  • My boss has a great sense of humor sometimes
  • It’s great to have the money to pay my power bill (or any other bill that you can pay)
  • Things have always had a way of working out for me
  • I really appreciate having the money to pay my rent

Remember, there is a difference between thinking about what you want and thinking about the absence of what you want. So, will you allow the desire or the lack of the desire? It is your choice.


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