Law of Attraction Desire Manifestation

The dilemma of always wanting more...

Although my understanding of the Universal Law of Attraction has led me to the joyful life that I am living, I always find a reason to ask for something else. This is true for all people, including those who never actually speak their desire aloud.

I receive countless questions and comments from those who are full of frustration because some aspect of their life experience is not exactly as they want it to be. They insist that life just “is not working out” for them because they cannot get to a place where they are fully satisfied. When they fix one thing, another seems to break and then another and another. They want to experience a state of not wanting anything—a life in which their every desire is already realized.

If this sounds like you, I have a few tips that will help you to turn your life around today.

  1. Understand the Universal laws in our physical world.
    Part of the deliciousness of the physical world is its vastness. There is so much here to like, dislike, want or reject. Even as you become spiritually enlightened, you will still observe things in life that you do not desire and things that you desire but don’t have. This contrast is simply a part of the Universe functioning perfectly to produce new creative thoughts and desires within you.

    Whenever one of your desires is met, you will have a new point-of-view from which to view your world. With that new point of view will come new observations of what you do NOT want (contrast)—and therefore new perspectives on what you do want. This is the perfect climate for creation. As a creator, you immediately summon law of attraction via your thoughts on the subject of your desire.

  2. Understand your life purpose
    Most of your discontentment arises from your lack of awareness of your life purpose. When you understand who you really are, your renewed outlook will allow the discontentment to subside.

    You are a powerful, creative being whose thoughts contribute significantly to the expansion our great Universe. In fact, the Universe would cease to expand if there was no contrast to produce new creative thoughts and desires—and that cannot happen. This is your purpose. Can you see how important you are?

    You didn’t come into your physical body to finish everything. In fact, you won’t experience relief until you relax into the idea that you cannot possibly ever get it all complete. You came here to experience the joy that is possible in this environment and to use the contrast (undesirable experiences) to help you define what you want to create.

  3. Appreciate the contrast and realize that your discontentment does not serve you.
    It is up to you to choose how you feel about new desires as they are born within you. You can choose to be upset that what you want has not yet come; but this will, by the Law of Attraction, lead to more negative thoughts and emotions that delay or disallow further manifestations of your desires. In other words, being discontent with your unrealized desires will keep you in a place where you are not allowing them to come forth.

    The remedy is to start trusting your creative power and the perfection of the Universal Law of Attraction. Learn to be in a state of appreciation for the fact that whatever you desire is indeed being prepared for you. If you will just relax and trust the Universe as your new desires are unfolding, despite the fact that there is no physical evidence of their manifestation, your desires will be realized much faster and you will enjoy life in the interim. Remember, there will always be an interim period—now relax and appreciate the perfection of it all.
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