Law of Attraction:
Co-Creating With Your Inner Circle

You may be coming to the realization that you are a powerful Being whose thoughts summon law of attraction, thus creating your reality and contributing to the expansion of the Universe. But do you know that your creative power is magnified when you pair your energy with the energy of another person?

Anytime two or more people focus on a subject, they are engaging in co-creation. This is a great way to summon law of attraction with a strong energy concentration that leads to the speedy manifestation your desires. If, on the other hand, two people focus energy in a way that disallows law of attraction, their co-creative experience will yield undesirable results that match their negative vibration.

You may not be purposely co-creating with your friends, family, and other associates, but the law of attraction responds to your vibration nonetheless. In other words, you co-create when you’re focusing with another—whether you want to or not. So ask yourself a question: with whom do I focus my creative energy and what are we co-creating?

To answer this question, think first about the people in your inner circle. Who are the people that you communicate with most often and what are they like? Maybe you spend a great deal of time talking with your mother, best friend, or a close colleague. Now think about the types of things that you discuss and the activities that you engage in when you are with them. What were the topics of your last few conversations?

With the answers to these questions you will know if you’ve been engaging in co-creation in a way that allows law of attraction to bring forth manifestations. You are co-creating lack rather than abundance of your desires if your conversations focus on relationship problems, financial hardship, woes of parenthood, frustrations at work, or general discontent. Because you are feeding off each other’s vibration, it is important to make sure that the vibration you are offering is not one that is resistant to the manifestation of your desires.

If you are starting to realize that the majority of your co-creation is not to your liking, you may be feeling powerless to change this. Relax. You are, as always, in complete control. Here are a few tips to help you:

  • Find some friends who are eager for positive co-creation.
    Because the knowledge of law of attraction is taking the world by storm, there are many people who are actively changing their lives. Join a local or online group of like-minded people with whom you can co-create. One of my favorite resources is Yahoo’s AbeList group, but there is no shortage of ways to connect with people who are on a path similar to yours.

  • Don’t try to force others into a new way of thinking
    You may be tempted to convince your inner circle that they should follow your way of thinking, but such an attempt is futile. The world is full of people who are in very different places on very different paths. Most of the strife that we see is the result of human desire to make everyone conform to what works for another.
    My suggestion is that you respect every person’s right to be exactly where they are—even if you think that they are in a bad place from which your solution can deliver them. Despite your good intentions, it does not serve you (or them) to try making them see through your eyes. Rest assured that this information will always get to those who are attracting it…and they are the only ones who will benefit from it anyway.
    As you make positive changes, there will be people who are compelled to learn what you know. Offer what you know to them, but let everyone else evolve in their own way. Your work is not to change them—it is to change how you interact with them.

  • Prepare yourself to lead conversations in a way that suits you.
    Oftentimes people talk about the negative things that they observe because they are simply accustomed to this behavior, but they may be receptive to positive observations as well. The world is full of evidence that Well-Being abounds. Keep your mind open for inspirational news, improvements in the world, and small opportunities for appreciation. Your vibration will be lifted and you will be perfectly practicing the art of allowing as you share these things with those in your circle. You will find that many people, though not all of them, are happy to hear something other than what they were prepared to talk about.

  • Shorten your communication with those who lower your vibration
    Sometimes there is a person in your life who you usually enjoy, but they alternate between a fun-loving personality and a more cynical disposition. You can often handle this by keeping the conversation short. Have fun with them and enjoy their good points, but try to end on a good note. You can try bringing them back to a higher state of mind by putting a positive spin on their negativity, but don’t be afraid to say “I’ve gotta go” when their lower vibration is getting the upper hand.

  • Listen without participating.
    As you get to a place where you are better at maintaining your high vibration around those who are vibrating in a very different place, you may prefer to listen without actively participating in their negative rants. You will know by the way you feel if this is something that you can do.

    If you notice that your emotions do not change when you are observing negative energy from another person, then you don’t have to worry that this one-sided communication is affecting your own point of attraction. However, don’t be afraid to change the subject or end the conversation if you notice a change in your emotions or you feel compelled to share your own stories of defeat, lack, fear, or pessimism.

    The ability to maintain your vibration in the midst of very negative energy is a skill that is developed with time so I don’t recommend it if you are just getting started with learning law of attraction.

  • Recognize when you need to let go of someone.
    There may be some people who you will have to release in order to stay on your path. They may find your new, positive nature to be annoying as it interferes with their desire to focus in a different way. In the worst cases, they may intentionally try to bring you to a place of darkness. Such a relationship may be so poisonous to you that sustaining it cuts you off from the benefits of law of attraction.

    Consider letting go if you repeatedly experience a negative vibration when interacting with someone. If this person is someone who you feel obligated to, the Universe will bring you a way to deal with the guilt of walking away. If this person is someone that you love, love yourself enough to love them from a distance. If you think that you need this person, remember that everything you need is inside of you. If you think that this person needs you, understand that they are a powerful creator who has their own Inner Being to guide them. You cannot change them, but their presence in your life may lead you to have thoughts and feelings that hold you in vibrational disharmony with your desires.

  • Take action to return yourself to a positive state of mind
    If you’ve just had an experience of negative co-creation (i.e. a long conversation about inconsiderate colleagues or a selfish spouse), take the time to engage in an activity that will raise your vibration. You’ve focused on what you do not want (lack of what you want), but it is never too late to change your point of attraction. Try writing a list of things that you love, drawing with vibrant colors, calling a friend who is a positive co-creator, or watching a funny movie. You may also want to indulge in some of the resources available on this site. Here are a few suggestions:

The law of attraction does not manifest everything that you think about in the instant that you think about it. You have time to change your mind and to fine-tune your desires, so it is not necessary to be afraid that an occasional negative rant will destroy your life. It will not. However, you want the majority of what you think about to line up with your desires because your life experience will indeed match the culmination of your thoughts. If you spend a great deal of time in the company of people who immerse themselves in negativity, and you often follow their guide, you are indeed ignoring the law of allowing. The good news is that you are now empowered with knowledge of this, so you can begin allowing the benefits of the universal laws.

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