Inspirational News

Boy Survives Floating in River on Toy Car

The world is full of fun, exciting, inspirational news. I have two new stories, both of which involve children, which you can’t help but appreciate.

A toddler was returned safely to his family following a two hour journey down a swift river in Vancouver, British Columbia. After the child quietly slipping away from adults during a camping trip, a boater found him sitting in his toy truck while floating down Peace River without a life jacket.

And what was the child’s main concern when he was found? He simply wanted to make sure his toy wasn’t left behind. How’s that for a great story? Reports stated that the child didn’t appear to be scared or even aware of the danger that we so clearly see. He was simply riding along and enjoying the scenery for nearly 8 miles.

This made me wonder what the world would be like if we all had the faith and positive focus of this 3 year old. He has obviously not yet been programmed with fear, so his perspective is very different from that of most people. This is just one example of how different people experience the same circumstances in such different ways that one may live in joy while the other endures agony.

I challenge you to stop and think of a situation in your life that you can look at a little differently. Do you see danger or adventure? Are you facing a reason to panic or an opportunity to create a miracle? Are you enjoying the ride or worrying about how it is going to end?

Remember, your thoughts create your reality and determine how you experience life. My latest hero practices law of allowing perfectly—and he is just 3 years old.